May Meeting Notes

REFERENCES FROM MAY MEETING Review of security basics • Use strong passwords • Do not use an admin account for everyday use. • Set up a standard account but don’t forget the password for the admin account • Disable automatic login • Set login to name and password only Especially for laptops: • Boot into Recovery mode, set Firmware Password • Encrypt internal hard drive • Encrypt Time Machine or other external drives if you carry them with you. • Use iCloud Find My to locate lost or stolen iPhone/iPad/iPod/laptop • Set a “lock screen” message with name, address, phone if lost Comprehensive reference for Mac/iOS here Help/How-To Guides for Mac/OS X/iOS Users - Comprehensive list from AirPlay to ThunderBolt Info Reference for FileVault 2 OS X: How to create and deploy a recovery key for FileVault 2 How to create a Mavericks Installer boot drive How to make a bootable Mavericks install drive | Macworld How to burn a Mavericks Recovery CD or DVD Burning a Mavericks Recovery Disc | Egg Freckles Info from Apple on iCloud security iCloud: iCloud security and privacy overview Mavericks security overview Apple - OS X Mavericks - It's built to keep your Mac safe. Apple mailing list for security. Sign up to receive notices of security updates and issues Security-announce Info Page Info on the Security & Privacy System Preference OS X Mavericks: General pane of Security & Privacy preferences OS X Mavericks: Protect your Mac from malware OS X Mavericks: Advanced pane of Security & Privacy preferences OS X Mavericks: Privacy pane of Security & Privacy preferences OS X Mavericks: FileVault pane of Security & Privacy preferences Guarding Your Privacy OS X Mavericks: Guard your privacy Understanding Passwords OS X Mavericks: Understand passwords Phishing and Other Suspicious Email Phishing & Other Suspicious Emails Identifying fraudulent "phishing" email Security sites where vulnerabilities are registered CVE - About CVE NVD - Home Apple’s Approach to iPad Security (applies to all iOS devices) Apple - iPad in Business - IT Center - Security

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