Charter of Sierra Mousetrap

Charter of the SMMUG ARTICLE I. NAME Section 1. The Sierra MouseTrap Macintosh User Group is a non-profit club. Reference to the term "Club" shall mean the Sierra MouseTrap Macintosh User Group (SMMUG) Club. ARTICLE II. PURPOSE Section 1. The purpose of this organization is to afford a time, place and means of assembly, so to facilitate the learning and instruction of the Macintosh Computer, to further our expertise in, to explore it's compatibility with other manufacturers" hardware and software, and share this knowledge with the members and community. ARTICLE VI. MEMBERSHIP Section 1. Membership shall be open to all without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, or residency. Section 2. Membership in this Club by one member of a household, shall include all closely related members of the immediate household. Said household equals one (1) membership. Section 3. Membership and member as used in this Charter shall mean a member whose dues are paid current. Section 4. Each individual member has a responsibility to conduct their Club activities in a lawful and ethical fashion. If it can be shown that a member has failed in that capacity, he/she may be removed from the Club via the guidelines set forth in ARTICLE XII. Section 7. ARTICLE XII. PROVISIONS Section 1. Meetings a. The Club shall meet on the first Thursday of the month. b. At any time by a majority vote of the Board, special meetings may be called, or any meeting may be canceled, with at least one week's notice. Section 4. Membership Dues a. The dues year shall start on January 1, and end on December 31. b. Dues shall be set and approved by a majority vote by ballot at any Club meeting of which a quorum is present. Section 5. Club Data Base a. The Club data base shall not be divulged, sold, licensed, nor otherwise disseminated to any non-member. This does not preclude the Club from publishing a list of members, or any other list using information from the data base for the benefit of the Club members. Note: This is a condensed version for web page purpose only